Welcome to the Empress Project!

This is the story of a journey, a journey of a car that started 1965 in Sindelfingen, Germany. The name of the ‘main actor’: The Empress. This name was given to a Mercedes 190c by its proud American owners over 50 years ago.


It all started with a trip to Germany. An American couple visited in 1965 Mercedes Benz in Sindelfingen and they fell in love with light-blue sedan, a Mercedes 190c, the so-called ‘little fin tail’. The bought the car to be delivered in the USA. Having arrived in California, the new owners had to realize that something was wrong: the car had a manual gearbox. A disaster!

But there was this dear neighbor. They agreed to purchase the car. This was the beginning of a 51 year long family membership in the Roberts family. The car was treated like a celebrity and finally received a suitable name: The Empress. In this time the car was constantly in use.


Frank: “It was July 14th, 2016, a warm sunny day, and good chance for a wonderful barbecue. We, my friend April and her daughter Taylor went shopping at a Fred Meyer store in Portland to buy what was needed to enjoy the summer evening. When we left the store, I saw it, an old Mercedes on the parking lot. I looked at the car and knew: This is it… I want this car. We waited about 45 minutes for the owner. We went into the store and asked people:” Are you the owner of this old Mercedes?” Nobody said “Yes”. So, we left a note under the wiper of the front window shield saying: “Hi! I am Frank from Germany. I would like to buy your car. Please contact me under this phone number. Four months later the owner called: “I am prepared to sell. But I want you to make this car a member of your family.” I replied: “Yes!” The deal was sealed.

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